Are You Ready To Sell Your Home? Things You Should Know to Expedite the Sale.

With all the new  social networking, and different avenues of interaction with people; there are a lot of ways to get your home noticed. Know your competition and compare apples to apples. Visit open houses in your community to see what the competition has to offer. Give yourself a reality check when it comes to pricing. Ask your agent to get you the sale price of comparable homes that have been sold over last few months in your area, for comparison.

Check out your agent/broker be sure you are dealing with an experienced real estate agent, then listen to their advice. Use that experience to your advantage. Make sure that they are savvy with online marketing. It has been stated that “92% of homebuyers begin their home search online”.  Make sure that experienced includes someone who is able to understand the new outlets available an utilize them when marketing  your home online.

Make sure that your home is accessible. Homes that are not available to be shown will not sell. Try not to limit your agent to a very rigid, unyielding time frame. Try to take out as many personal items such as family photos, memorabilia, things stacked up on furniture, de-clutter remove any thing that is sitting on countertops, tables, any flat surface ect .  Anything that would prohibit the home buyer from visualizing themselves living in the home.  Also, pay close attention to your landscaping and the exterior of your home. Be sure that there are no unsightly things on the lawn. (Car up on blocks) Hey just saying! It is very important that the buyer feel as though they could live there.

You will want to remedy as many obvious repairs as possible, a little sprucing up, a little touch-up paint, and a good cleaning. Get this house looking as ready to move in as possible. Then you’ll hear those first magic words, “We have an offer”.


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