Homestead farming: Methods conserve water in observance of Earth Day (photos)

Fit for Life

This is the second part of a series following farmers David and Wendy Ryle through the growing season of their small East Coventry farm. The series illustrates changing agricultural methods that promote sustainability and entrepreneurship. Photo supervisor John Strickler and Fit for Life reporter Michilea Patterson follow the Ryles as they work from seed to market. Now: Using water wisely. Follow the series by

By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

East Coventry >> A local organic farmer recently made a change to his water system that will increase productivity and help conserve one of Earth’s most important resources.

David Ryle is the owner and grower of Jubilee Hill Farm, where his passion for sustainability is evident.

“Anybody can grow produce. Anybody can grow vegetables…I feel like part of my responsibility, especially as an organic farmer, is safeguarding precious resources,” Ryle said.

He said water is a resource…

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