Security Steps That Can Help Deter Would Be Thieves


Our home should be our safe place where we live our lives free from fear and the threat of an outside source taking that which belongs to us. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, when a burglary happens it robs us not only of our personal property but also of our feelings of security. The victims of these type crimes state, the most devastating part of a burglary is the feeling of having been violated. The reckless rummaging and careless treatment of your home and personal possessions, leaves the homeowner feeling scared, insecure, and vulnerable. Hopefully, you will never experience a burglary in your home. But if the unthinkable does happen, call the police and keep your family out of harm’s way. The following are a few ideas on how you can deter unwanted, uninvited visitors!


  1. Security Systems – This is the number one suggestion, but can be expensive. There are however, some less expensive DIY options on the market. If this is still not an option you could place outdoor cameras or fake cameras on the outside of your home. Also, you could post signage around your home stating that it has a security system, even if it doesn’t.
  2. Dead Bolt Locks – Do not depend on a regular knob lock which can easily be stripped by a strong hand or tool. Dead Bolt Locks cannot be so easily broken. Also, any laundry room entries/basement entries/garage entries should also be equipped with a dead bolts.
  3. Lighting – Make sure all entry ways are well lit. Motion lighting placed strategically around the perimeter of the home, is a good investment that is relatively inexpensive. Be sure that there are no overgrown shrubs/plants that obstruct the view of the entries.
  4. Windows – Be sure to always keep windows locked. Another precautionary measure that could be taken, is planting of roses, holly, or other thorny type shrubs underneath windows. Be sure with sliding glass doors you have a device to prevent the door from sliding should the lock be broken when intruders attempt to enter. This could be something as simple as a broomstick laid in the track of the door.
  5. What they don’t know want hurt you – Never discuss your travel plans in a public forum or on social networking sites. When you tell someone that you plan on being out of town on vacation or business on one of these sites, you are issuing an invitation. Also, a simple exchange between two friends at the mall, can send that same invitation to ears within listening distance. Also, don’t make your routine everyone else’s business. If you have a garage, when at home make sure that the car is inside and the garage door closed. Be sure to close the garage door when you leave so that no one will know whether the car is there or not. Timing devices to control noise and lighting within the house to make it appear that you are at home even when you are not, have proven very helpful! Have a family member or close friend/neighbor monitor the mail and newspaper. Do not allow a collection of two or three days newspapers lay in the doorway/driveway.
  6. Dog Ownership – A good dog can be a great alarm system when unwanted visitors come onto your property or approach your home. Inside or out, they can be great at letting you know that something is amiss. But, there are other decisions to be made when considering this option. Dog ownership, is a privilege and a responsibility. Be sure you are ready for both the expense and dedication required before taking on this responsibility. Also, you may want to check with your insurer about what kind of dogs are excluded from your coverage, or if there are penalties on certain breeds.
  7. Shredder– Last but far from least is the problem of identity theft. A burglar takes/destroys your things while an identity thief steals you. A small investment in a paper shredder will be well worth it. Never, put any type of personal information in your trash when doing so you are placing another invitation, one that says it’s okay if you want to be me. This type theft can be devastating on so many levels. It can take years sometime to straighten out once it happens.

Our Disclaimer States: There are no guarantees given that the information provided in this article is correct, complete, and/or up-to-date.



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